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About Eureka! Marketing

Eureka! Marketing is a project, initially very small, the dream of a marketing professional who loves his job.

The project has been taking shape and growing since 2008, making clients of all kinds change their business mentality and achieve their objectives. By joining forces, knowledge, technology and know-how, we have faced strong challenges and set great things in motion with him.

Today, we are a consolidated marketing, consulting and market research company in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Proud to offer professional support to our clients.

Whether you are a small business, or an entrepreneur. Or if you represent a large corporation. We offer you useful, advanced marketing tools that will boost your organization and launch your dreams.

Professional marketing services

What we offer

We offer you professional marketing consulting and advisory services in a wide range of smart solutions for your daily operations.

Passionate about marketing, market analysts and researchers, knowledgeable about the psychological mechanisms of the customers, lovers of non-invasive techniques … we love to propose simple solutions to complex problems

We have extensive experience in managerial positions, in marketing departments of international brands. We have launched cutting-edge projects, applying modern solutions and effective promotion techniques. We apply all the innovations that fall into our hands, both through the application of new techniques and through the intensive use of technology to collect primary data and to implement our actions.

We collaborate with you to provide your company with the added value you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors, to obtain the information you need from the market and to offer your client your best face.

What makes us different

What characterizes us

  • Professionalism: We are prepared professionals with real, current and demonstrable experience in leading companies.

  • We never improvise: we plan.

  • Fluent communication with the client: we understand you.

  • We deliver on time. Always.

  • Vision: it is not only about 360º marketing. It’s about how to look beyond and towards the long term.

  • Efficiency: We pursue and achieve our goals using creativity and professional techniques.

  • Profitability: We make our client win and be more profitable. And so we win too.

  • Utility: All the actions we implement are useful not only in the field of marketing.

  • Our best seller is the satisfaction of our customers. We have an NPS of 83%

  • We have ideas, we are creative, we innovate and we are passionate … but at the same time, we are committed and compliant.

Marketing consulting, market studies, technical analysis, focus groups, surveys …

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Learn more about the marketing, market research and consulting services that we put at your disposal. We show real examples of our most recent work.

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