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Market research

We are specialized in market research services and tailor-made market studies. Among others, we carry out studies to estimate potential demand for a product / service, product test, demand / price studies, visibility of a given pos, traffic quantification, optimal location of establishments, studies on competitors, price studies, competitors research, etc ...


Sensory Analysis

Does your product suits the market and customer needs? Do you need feedback from your consumers? Do you want to adapt your product to the Canarian market and you don't know how? The Canarian market is different from the rest of the Spanish market, with specific characteristics and tastes that may be invisible to the naked eye. Sensory and organoleptic tests of products are the solution.


Marketing Consulting

We deeply analyze the reality of your company, identifying weaknesses and strengths. We put in your hands solutions to the problems that you encounter in your usual marketing operations or when developing your marketing plan. And we work with your marketing / communication department in order to make improvement proposals, providing ideas or practical and valid strategies.


Inbound Marketing

We live in a society where the user is skeptical of what brands say about themselves. Where the saturation of advertising messages, which compete to be more and more impressive, ends up overloading the consumer. And short-term marketing techniques that do not care for the customer burn the market and are increasingly doomed to failure.


Market prospecting reports

We provide you with market-specific information to get a solid preliminary idea in a one-off technical report. An executive analysis is carried out on a specific market at a specific time: macroeconomic data, legal and fiscal information, main figures, location and characteristics of the costumers... A useful tool for companies or entrepreneurs who are evaluating exporting their services or products to the Canary Islands.


Electoral polls

We combine traditional statistical techniques and Big Data analysis to determine a candidate's voting intention, the degree of knowledge of the candidate, the values ​​associated with a candidacy or political party ... We collaborate with all public institutions and the main local and regional political parties to know the concerns of the population and the electorate.


Mystery Shopper Canary Islands

A service checker or a mystery shopper is a specialist who will visit your company posing as a real customer. Our team will visit your establishments, web pages or customer service services on a recurring basis. And during your visit, you will evaluate the aspects that make up your current service, preparing an accurate report to improve the aspects that do not correspond to what is desired.


How to launch a product in the Canary Islands

Designed for foreign companies looking to launch a product in the Canary Islands market, for investors and entrepreneurs aiming to invest in our archipelago, or for start-ups seeking to establish themselves in our region, we have created the Product Launch Pad service. It comprises a set of advisory services for businesses, including marketing, tax advice, specific market studies, and economic feasibility plans. Additionally, we offer other necessary services such as guidance, translation, accommodation, mediation, establishing connections with local suppliers and clients, and transportation. These services ensure that your future investment is built on a solid foundation in the Canary Islands.


Product development

Are your products not getting the sales you owe? Do you need to redesign or give a new approach to your products? Eureka! analyzes and tests your products at the level of image, packaging, concept, price, evaluation against the competition, functionalities, flavors/colors, associated and complementary services, customer service ... and take them to another level, creating much more attractive and competitive versions for your customers and your market. Profitable.

We offer you a range of profitable and competitive marketing services in order to meet your needs.

We continually work and let ourselves be influenced by the techniques used worldwide, because Marketing permeates all areas of the company. We use state-of-the-art qualitative techniques in the Canary Islands, with a predominance of analysis of the opinion of your clients and stakeholders. These include psychological and projection marketing techniques, the innovative Small Data analysis, group and individual techniques, facial and micro expression analysis…

Among our marketing and market research services, we offer quantitative techniques with a powerful statistical base, based on the use of databases, sociology, Big Data analysis and data mining. With them, we contrast the information obtained in the first phases of each market research and formulate hypotheses of high methodological contrast.

In addition to classical quantitative techniques, we excel as data analysts. We apply technology, so the costs are getting lower and the results even more conclusive. And many times, obtained in real time. We eliminate biases, we work with the details, crossing data and squeezing the bases.

Thanks to the combination of all of the above, we obtain high quality information. And we translate it into marketing actions and proposals that will allow you to make key decisions. Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific problem: we have diagnoses and solutions.

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