Electoral polls. Electoral barometers

encuestas y sondeos de opinión en Canarias

Electoral polls, barometers and surveys.

In the electoral polls and sociobarometers that we carry out, Eureka! Marketing combines traditional statistical techniques, qualitative and quantitative techniques to achieve the information objectives: determine the voting intention of a candidate, the degree of knowledge and acceptance of it, the values ​​associated with a candidacy or political party, the degree of rejection of a candidacy or electoral plate, analysis of electoral programs and degree of acceptance … We collaborate with public institutions and the main local and regional political parties to understand the concerns of the population and the electorate, from a close and personalized perspective.

Two-stage (Qualitative and quantitative) probes to improve results.

We use in our opinion polls all the possibilities that new technologies give us to obtain reliable results in the qualitative phase: planning and formulation of personal interviews, focus groups, in-depth projective, psychotechnical interviews….

In the quantitative phase, we work statistically to obtain relevant, consistent and reliable results. We follow firm questionnaire and response bias elimination protocols. We test the questionnaire to speed it up, improve response times, to go to the relevant. In this quantitative phase we use:

  • Street questionnaires surveys, face-to-face interviews at street level with electronic device
  • face-to-face and online questionnaires and surveys.
  • online questionnaires (questionnaires by e-mail, in an adapted platform, inserts in web pages, in RRSS, etc….)
  • CATI questionnaires or telephone surveys.
  • Batteries of questions for affiliate panel,
  • reputation studies, quality surveys and customer satisfaction measurement.

However, we are not closed only to conventional formats. And we incorporate data mining to complete the information we provide in our opinion studies.

Update: Due to the Covid-19 health situation, we have adapted to continue conducting survey and probing tasks using technology to avoid personal contact. Consult us without obligation and start your study or sociobarometer safely with us.

Since 2008, conducting surveys, opinion studies and sociobarometers for all political parties and institutions in the Canary Islands.

We put a technified and experienced team at the service of the client, to provide you with the quality information that a decision-making process needs. Our specialists prepare reasoned, technically impeccable reports, based on highly reliable econometric, sociological and statistical tools.

We work with data to provide you with primary and also elaborated, useful, applicable and understandable data.

  • Don’t make decisions blindly.
    Being wrong in politics is a risky game. We give you the information you need to make decisions.
  • Statistical treatment.
    We use extrapolation and statistical techniques that allow us to process the data to obtain a high degree of reliability.
  • Cross data.
    The use of databases (datamining) and the exploitation of them provides very valuable information in these kind of research process.
  • Questiona.
    To support market research and surveys on a quantitative level, Eureka! has developed the Questiona system, based on NPS analysis and on-line questionnaire processing.

Electoral polls, barometers and surveys.

We combine traditional statistical techniques and Big Data analysis to determine a candidate’s voting intention, the degree of knowledge of the candidate, the values ​​associated with a candidacy or political party … We collaborate with all public institutions and the main local and regional political parties to know the concerns of the population and the electorate.

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