Mystery Shopper Canary Islands

Mystery Shopper Canarias

About our Mystery Shooper in the Canary Islands service. Organize your Mystery Shopper rounds in the Canary Islands with us.

A Mystery Shopper or “Mystery Customer” is a specialist who will visit your company posing as a real customer. We place them within the market studies and the evaluation of the customer experience of the businesses. The spy client, during his visit, will evaluate the aspects that make up his current service:

  • customer service is evaluated,
  • that the product is in perfect condition and placed in the gondola as you have established,
  • evaluation of the follow-up of sales argumentation by salespeople,
  • compliance with the uniformity of store personnel,
  • the care and accuracy of the telephone information provided by your team of telephone operators
  • evaluation of the shopping experience and the information that the staff provides to the customer,
  • evaluation of the information that the business website provides about it, the products or services offered
  • that the information and parameters of the website match what is specified in the store and brochures.
  • If the hospitality parameters in hotels and restaurants (guest experience) are met.
  • that the advertising and the POS (advertising at the point of sale) are well placed, in good condition and visible
  • that the tasting stands and the staff who serve them are doing their job correctly
  • that the telephone sales department complies with the established service parameters

The range of possibilities that a mystery shopper can cover is very wide and can pursue multiple objectives in a single visit. Eureka! Marketing has a team of mystery shoppers active in the Canary Islands at this very moment, making monthly/weekly visits to establishments, websites and mobile stands to verify that the established quality standards are effectively met. They are trained agents with a good clinical eye, prepared to, avoiding bias, capture objective information during their visit.

A Mystery Shopper visit is a cheaper, anonymous and effective way to find out if your expectations regarding customer service are being met. Contact us here and we will be happy to design a program of visits and propose a realistic and effective budget.

Mystery Shopper

A service checker, or a mystery shopper, is a specialist who will visit your company posing as a real customer.

Our team will visit your shops, establishments, web pages or customer service services on a recurring basis. And during your visit, you will evaluate the aspects that make up your current service, preparing an accurate report to improve the aspects that do not correspond to what is desired.

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