Abundando en la prescripción de clientes y en el carácter del NPS, nos hacemos eco de un artículo de Mona Akhavi en Startup Grind. En inglés, pero merece la pena. Ponemos un pequeño estracto:

The new generation of bloggers are the perfect examples of these social influencers who enjoy an extensive, and highly-targeted and loyal fan base. Influencers have an incredible impact on shoppers and make the consumers’ decision-making process more convenient. Based on a recent survey by Research Now, 84% of consumers make a purchase based on a blog post. This high number is due to the extensive reach, relevance, and engagement that bloggers present. Also, they are often highly knowledgeable regarding the categories they blog about, which greatly increases their reliability and authority in the eyes of their followers. From identification of need, to evaluation of alternatives, bloggers and influencers are helping buyers to make more informed decisions, in less time.

Pueden encontrar el artículo completo aquí: